Content POV: Andrew Mark Sewell

In this special edition of Content POV, three key members of the team behind this Gold-winning series talk about the creative process of the production, reflect on its complexity, and share their insights.

New York, NY | September 02, 2020

The Space Race combines Boffin Media’s award-winning expertise in space and science journalism and B7 Media’s audio drama specialism and trademark immersive sound design, to tell the story of human spaceflight in a vivid and exciting way and deliver the ultimate guide to spaceflight history and beyond.

Narrated by Kate Mulgrew, The Space Race was produced for Audible to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing. This major 10-part docudrama series crossed three continents in the making and uses archive, original interviews, dramatic reconstructions, and first-hand accounts to tell the story of mankind’s first amazing steps off our world towards the future of our civilization.

The Space Race took home Gold in Science & Technology documentary from the Grand Jury. 

With unprecedented access, The Space Race gives listeners access to Virgin Galactic’s space program in the Mojave Desert, features conversations with Buzz Aldrin, Gene Cernan, Sergei Krikalev, Tim Peake, and numerous key players at mission control, and pulls back the curtain on untold aspects of the space-exploration story. The result is a compelling, entertaining, surprising, and enlightening journey across 60 years of space history and the story of humanity’s past, present, and potential future off-world.


“Ever since I watched the Apollo 11 Moon landing as a child I’ve been inspired and fascinated by humankind’s exploration of space. Making the docudrama series ‘The Space Race’ was a long-held ambition and one that wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment of our fellow producers Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson at Boffin Media. It was a truly Herculean team effort coordinated by our very own Mission Control, series line producer, Helen Quigley. Winning this accolade from the New York Radio Festival is a tribute to the incredible creativity and dedication of the production team and of course the generosity of everyone who gave up their valuable time to contribute to the series.”

- Andrew Mark Sewell, Series Producer/Director, The Space Race


“I couldn’t be more delighted with the program winning this prestigious award, it reflects the huge team effort that went into the production. I’m really proud of the program we made, the stories we’ve revealed, and the way we told them.

The series was the most full-on production I’ve ever worked on and tough at times, although I somewhat miss the daily late-night calls with the sound designers to discuss the interior ambiance of various models of spacecraft or the exact sound of the Apollo 13 alarm (in the end, we asked the NASA engineer who was responsible for it and he sent us an audio file).

I’m delighted for the whole team that we’ve won this prestigious award. I’d also like to thank the incredible people we featured in the program - from astronauts to engineers, historians, mission controllers and medics, the only woman in Apollo 11 launch control to the man responsible to the alarm system on Apollo 13 - who all gave their time to tell their stories. It’s pleasing that they all enjoyed listening to the end result!”

- Richard Hollingham, director of Boffin Media and series producer of The Space Race


"Huge amounts of research went into 'The Space Race' to discover new stories and dispel myths around some established ones, so we are delighted that the series has made such a positive impact on the space and scientific community. Drawing upon B7 Media’s drama production credentials with Boffin Media’s well-established science and journalism expertise, we were able to combine drama and actuality to get to the heart of the experiences and events that made the space race and the Moon landings such an incredible human achievement. We’re thrilled and honored that 'The Space Race' has been recognized by the New York Festivals Radio Awards."

- Helen Quigley, B7 Media's Head of Production The Space Race