New York Festivals® Radio Programming & Promotions Awards Announces 2010 Advisory Board

NYF® Radio Awards Appoints Radio Executives from NPR, Radio Free Asia, ABS-CBN Broadcasting, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and WFMT Radio Network

New York, NY | March 11, 2010

New York Festivals Radio Programming & Promotions Awards, honoring the World’s Best Work™, announced the appointment of its 2010 Advisory Board. This year’s Advisory Board features a panel of renowned international radio professionals who will generate prominence for the competition and expand the Radio Awards’ global footprint.

The 2010 Radio Programming & Promotions Awards Advisory Board includes: Margaret Low Smith, Head of Radio Programming, National Public Radio, USA; John MacCalman, Broadcast Producer/Consultant, Scotland; Peter Musngi, Vice President News & Sports, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, The Philippines; Dan Southerland, VP for Programming/Executive Editor, Radio Free Asia, USA; Mark Travis, Senior Producer, WFMT Network, USA; Havoc Franklin, Radio Manager Staff & Program Development, CBC, Canada; and Elyse Topalian, Vice President for Communications, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Their innovative ideas and depth of knowledge will ensure the competition stays in step with the evolving industry.

Mark Travis, Advisory Board member, Senior Producer, for WFMT Network, commented, “This is an incredible opportunity to join hands with a number of my colleagues from around the world to celebrate our shared vocation. I commend the NYF for creating a board of radio veterans to play “guardian angel” to this competition and I am truly honored to be a member.”

“What makes the New York Festivals Radio Awards so special is the truly international nature of the judging process whereby entries are judged by radio professionals from all round the world in a manner that ensures a fair hearing for every entry. Participants are assured of their work reaching the ears of individual judges in diverse countries who devote many hours of listening to reach their decisions.” John MacCalman, Advisory Board member, Broadcast Producer/Consultant.

The New York Festivals Radio Programming & Promotions Awards honors the most innovative work in radio broadcasting, with entries from radio stations, networks and independent producers from around the globe. Led by the Advisory Board, the international GRANDJURY™ represents some of the most recognizable voices and captivating programming producers in the industry.

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