Content POV: Greg Muller

In this edition of Content POV, Greg Muller, Executive Producer of Gertie’s Law, gives his insights into the creative process behind this innovative podcast series.

New York, NY | July 14, 2020

On 25 March 2019, the Supreme Court of Victoria released a podcast Gertie’s Law, breaking new ground by going behind the bench of one of the State’s oldest institutions. This 14-episode series earned Gold in Education Podcast from the Grand Jury. Journalist Greg Muller served as Executive Producer.

"Some initial ideas. As for the creative process, I was determined to cover complex legal issues in an accessible way. Each episode had to be informative and entertaining and not sound like a legal textbook. With a unique music score, high production values, actual court recordings, advanced sound design, and a clear authoritative voice, Gertie's Law provided an unprecedented insight into the people, issues, and stories that bring the court's work to life and strengthen understanding and confidence in the justice system.

Gertie's Law is a unique pairing of judiciary and journalism. As a journalist, I was given the freedom to follow my curiosity through the Supreme Court. I had unprecedented access to the court's judges to better explain the work of the Supreme Court, especially where there is a lot of public confusion and controversy such as sentencing, mental health and drugs, and judge-made law.

As expected, the editorial process was vigorous. Scripts were vetted for accuracy by senior judges of the court. As well as developing a strong public following, this podcast is now being picked up by schools and universities across Australia for teaching purposes which makes the focus on accuracy paramount. To hear current judges give their thoughts on difficult legal issues gives a unique perspective for people keen to learn about the law."

– Greg Muller, Executive Producer, Gertie’s Law